Shihan Michael Nanay

Shihan Michael Nanay began his training under his father’s direction in 1967 when he was 8 years old. He realized early on that martial arts were going to become a way of life and not just something that he merely participated in. From 1979–1987, he competed internationally as a member of the United States AAU National Team, placing 5th at the world cup in Budapest Hungary and received the silver medal at the Pan American Games in 1980.

Presently, he holds the rank of 7th degree Black Belt. More important to him than his rank or level of skill are the achievements of students he has taught. After 29 years of teaching the martial arts, his school and students have become such an integral part of life, he couldn’t imagine his life without them.

Ultimately his goal is to share with others the many life-skills martial arts has taught him and to make the Azatos martial arts school an amazing experience for everyone who steps on the mat to train.